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Never Say Never ... And Never Ever Say Forever...


I really don’t feel the need to tell my life story but i just find it silly to hear anonymous shit talking about the fact that i have a beautiful house and i drive a few different mercedes’ … Jealousy is worse than hate people. They see what i have now but didnt see the long hard road it took to get where i am in life. Its one thing to have this shit passed down to you from your parents but growing up lower middle class and “making” it on your own isn’t easy street. My hard work in the music industry paid off after many years of travelling and selling my talents and putting in many sleepless days of performing wherever i could, it wasnt given to me. I don’t wanna be famous and i’m glad i kept a firm grasp on real life so hate on douchebags and for gods sake JUST DO YOU. end of rant, sorry if i came of asshole-ish

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